Reliable Ignition Under the Highest Speeds

Elite spark plugs for the serious racer, the DENSO Iridium Racing best demonstrates its performance improvement during acceleration. Experience more power and torque, as well as increased engine efficiency and fewer misfires when ignitability is difficult.

High Speed Performance

0.4mm Iridium-Rhodium alloy center electrode requires less voltage to fire and increases firing performance. 100% pure Platinum 0.8mm ground electrode reduces risk of melting the plug during harsh racing conditions.

  • 0.4mm Iridium center electrode, the slimmest in the industry
  • Patented self-cleaning insulator/electrode design
  • Durable, reusable packaging protects spark plugs when not in use
  • 100% pure Platinum 0.8mm ground electrode
  • 360-degree laser welding assembly process